Gilded Nostalgia: Crafting the "Gold Pack" for Collectief 86

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In a fusion of past and present, YT-Studios collaborated with Collectief 86 to birth the iconic "Gold Pack." This collection weaves 90s casual wear nostalgia with the brilliance of Antwerp's golden age, resulting in a testament to design and craftsmanship.

90s Revival: An Ode to Nostalgia

The "Gold Pack" by Collectief 86 pays homage to the 90s, a decade that ushered in fashion's revolution. It recalls tracksuits and sweat fabrics that migrated from stadiums to streets, merging comfort and style in a way that resonates today.

Gilded Legacy of Antwerp

Within the fabric's threads lies a tribute to Antwerp's golden era. Every label and branding detail gleams with gold, encapsulating the city's cultural zenith. This radiant metal mirrors Antwerp's historical achievements and enriches the "Gold Pack" with timeless elegance.

From Concept to Brilliance: Crafting the "Gold Pack"

YT-Studios embarked on a journey to fashion wearable memories, reimagining 90s staples for the modern world. Each piece in the "Gold Pack" becomes a conduit of nostalgia and sophistication, celebrating the enduring allure of fashion's past and present.

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